Rui Diaz-Pacheco


Rui Diaz-Pacheco is a second year student at the college at Columbia majoring in physics. From Cd. Juarez, in Mexico, he now lives in Texas and he is pursuing a career in scientific research of energy production. He joind the CNT group in 2015 and has worked in upgrading the safety of the Faraday cage. Now in diagnostics, his current projects include:

  1. X-ray spectrum analyzer
  2. Fast camera for extraction of emissivity profiles
  3. mm-wave interferometer
  4. Spectral analysis of electron cyclotron emission (ECE)
  5. First flux surface imaging by micro-channel plate (MCP)

K. C. Hammond, R. R. Diaz-Pacheco, Y. Kornbluth, F. A. Volpe, and Y. Wei, Onion-peeling inversion of stellarator images, Review of Scientific Instruments 87, p. 11E119, 2016

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