Ryan Sweeney

Ph.D. Student (2012 - 2016). Currently a postdoc at ITER site in France
General Atomics
Research Interests
  • Magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in fusion plasmas
  • Effects of misaligned magnetic coils on plasma stability
  • Correction of undesirable magnetic fields produced by coil misalignment 

D. Shiraki, C. Paz-Soldan, J. M. Hanson, R. J. La Haye, N. C. Logan, K. E. J. Olofsson, E. J. Strait, R. M. Sweeney and F. A. Volpe, Measurements of the toroidal torque balance of error field penetration locked modes, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 57, 2015

A. W. Clark, M. Doumet, K. C. Hammond, Y. Kornbluth, D. A. Spong, R. Sweeney, and F. A. Volpe, Proto-CIRCUS tilted-coil tokamak-torsatron hybrid: design and construction, Fusion Engineering and Design 89 (11), p. 2732, 2014

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